Personalized wine tasting – 5+1

Customise your private wine tastings!

Private wine tastings can be booked within our opening hours for any group size according to reservation situation at a desired date. Our wine tastings are called 5+1 wine tastings and can be customised. 5+1 means a Secco or sparkling wine as an aperitif beforehand, followed by 5 wine tastings of 0.1l each. The wine tasting takes 2.5 hours.

In order to prepare the wine experience for you in the best possible way, we ask for your preferences when you make your reservation. The wine selection will then be made according to your preferences, i.e. no two wine tastings are the same. Each tasting is unique and will be prepared individually for you.

Visiting Franconia – Wine tasting variants

The wine tastings are served with a choice of pastries, Flammkuchen or a Franconian snack. All dishes are also available vegan or vegetarian on request.

Water accompaniment (still and sparkling) is included with all variants.

5+1 wine tasting with pastries

Hearty pastries to neutralise and absorb accompany the wine tasting. The pastries come from regional bakeries and are made on the day of the event. Please indicate when booking if vegetarian is desired.

Price: 29,00€ per person

5+1 wine tasting with Flammkuchen

Die Flammkuchen is served in family style. This means that two pieces are placed in the middle of the table at the same time and everyone takes one. This makes it possible to eat comfortably while tasting the wine and the Flammkuchen is always hot and fresh. It is very nice when everyone gets closer together. Die Flammkuchen is usually served in the classic Alsatian style. This variant is also available vegan or vegetarian on request.

Price: 39,00€ per person

5+1 wine tasting with Franconian snack

Our Franconian snacks are served with variations of sausage and cheese with olives, grapes and spread. We serve a variety of breads from our local partners. This variant is also available vegan or vegetarian on request.

Price: 39,00€ per person


For pregnant women, athletes, drivers or if someone does not want to consume alcohol for other reasons, we offer an alcohol-free alternative. Different non-alcoholic wine products will be tasted so you can take part in the event. Just because you don’t drink alcohol doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy wine tasting.

The non-alcoholic tasting is priced at €19.00 per person with pastries and €29.00 per person with food selection. Water accompaniment is also included here.


Have a relaxing time in a comfortable atmosphere. The Wohlsein team will guide you through your extraordinary tasting session (e.g. blind tasting, grape variety wine tasting, red wine tasting). Of course, you can bring in your own ideas and wishes for a theme and we will put together a suitable selection of wines for tasting.

Informations for the wine tasting booking (please include them in your enquiries, feel free to copy and fill in)

Desired date: If not possible, alternative:

Start time: Time slot for the event is 2.5 hours

Participant number:

NameWine tasting variant:

Number Vegan/Vegetarian:


Telephone number: Please indicate it for further questions

Non-drinker number:

We will then send you the booking confirmation with the payment information for the reservation. Please send your bookings and booking enquiries only by email to the email address for the location of your choice.



We look forward to wonderful tastings during your wine tour through Franconia, in a relaxed atmosphere! We love wine and want everyone to enjoy, discover and try new things with us. At this point we would like to remind you to take the responsability in the current Covid Situation and for your consumption of alcohol in general. 
We are very pleased that wine tastings can take place again and that you, as our guests, follow our hygiene concept so carefully. Your consideration will ensure a relaxed evening for all guests. Please bring one FFP2 mask to take part to the event and wear them at all times when you are away from the table. Vielen Dank dafür! 
We would also like to see this respectful attitude towards each other during our events. We invite you as guests to our vinotheque and would like to create a  relaxed atmosphere for you to feel comfortable. We would like all our guests to share this attitude, so no guest should feel disturbed by another.  Please also take to heart that our wine experiences are designed as an event, like a visit to the theatre. For the tasting, 2.5 hours are planned just for you, during which we will tell you the stories around the bottles. Should you be late for a wine tasting, it is unfortunately not possible to add the lost time at the end. 
For us, the focus is entirely on the enjoyment of this unique natural product. As our tastings include alcohol and it is an  experience for the senses, we ask you not to drink too much in beforehand. (Yes, you know what is meant.) We constantly pour  the wine during the wine tasting, because it’s primarily about tasting. Should the event be unsustainable due to excessive alcohol consumption by participants before the event, we reserve the right to terminate or not hold the tasting. 
In this case, only 50% of the amount will be reimbursed. Should the wine tasting have progressed to the third tasting, no refund will be given. 
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